Fallout 76 Veterans Mode Gets Pitched By Higher Level Players, For Higher Level Players

Are you at the level cap in Fallout 76? Are you getting tired of easily gunning down anything that comes at you? Do you wish the game could be more challenging? Then you should join in the demand for a Fallout 76 Veterans mode, like multiple other high-level players are doing now.

Fallout 76 has had a rough year since its original launch back in November of 2018. A huge amount of various bugs, glitches, player complaints, and PR mishaps from Bethesda have made the game nowhere near as popular as they were hoping.

While the game did get some screentime at E3, that was mainly to announce that NPCs would be entering the game (after the wilderness had been empty since launch, with most quests only received through terminals and robots), and that the game would be getting a Battle Royale PVP mode.

The reasoning behind the requests for a Fallout 76 Veterans mode is because in the last patch, Bethesda lowered the level requirements for certain areas, making them more accessible to lower-leveled players. In the thought process of those asking for the Veterans mode, the mode would be optional for higher-level players, allowing them to take on greater challenges for greater rewards.

The level requirements for areas being lowered means that the endgame for Fallout 76 has mainly just become high level players walking around the Wasteland while killing any high-level enemy they can find. The Veteran mode would allow players to get more out of the endgame.

The way it works, the suggester says, is that when players hit level 50, a new optional mode would open up, allowing higher-level enemies and content that veteran players can fight without lower-level players getting in the way.

We may be seeing more stuff about Fallout 76 and Bethesda in general at this year’s QuakeCon later this week (July 25 to be precise), but whether a Fallout 76 Veterans mode will be announced later remains to be seen.