You Can Have 4 Spider-Men Thanks To This Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Glitch

Nintendo and Team Ninja’s Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance is a dungeon-crawling superhero video game. One that allows you to assemble teams of your favorite Marvel characters to combat a deadly threat. The characters range from Guardians of the Galaxy to X-Men to Avengers. However, did you know you can also have four of the same character if you wanted?

I don’t mean four versions of a character either. I literally mean the exact same character, but four of them. It’s possible with this Ultimate Alliance 3 glitch using the Solo Infinity Trials.

Here’s a summarization of how the glitch works from Redditor PinkestCatGirl. This was how they described it:

I had this happen by failing spider-man’s rift(which replaces your first character with spider-man and makes you solo) when he was already one of my other party members so it kept my first character as spider-man while having a second spider-man, so I just kept repeating until I had a spider party. When the first gets replaced, you have to swap it out for one of the ones already in your party. So like if you got spider-man 1, hulk, iron man, spider-man 2, swap spider-man 1 out for hulk and repeat.

So just to get this out of the way, you can only do this glitch on characters with the trials. Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 3 solo infinity trials don’t exist for every character. One of the examples the glitch works with is Spider-Man.

What’s the purpose of this glitch though? Besides just having four of your favorite characters? The main advantage comes from leveling up. Assuming you’d rather not go through the game’s way of leveling a character up.

This method will quadruple the amount of XP you gain as that certain hero. This is because you’re now playing as 4 of them. It’s a surefire way to farm experience for a personal favorite hero.

The only drawback I see for this Ultimate Alliance 3 glitch is that breaks it the game, meaning it’ll be patched very soon. I’m assuming Nintendo and Team Ninja already know about the glitch’s existence.

Source: Reddit