Waluigi Won’t Appear In Namco Trademarked Smash Tennis

I know this is a little heavy to process but please bear with me. I understand a lot of attention has surrounded the news of Smash Tennis being trademarked in Europe by Namco. Let me be the first to clarify that this isn’t what you all think. This isn’t the big Waluigi comeback.

I know we’ve tried valiantly in the past, and I’d gladly stand with you all again. Now’s not the time, my brethren. Because Smash Tennis Namco is NOT related to Smash Bros or the IP at all.

I can see a lot of similarities between the two, though. Both are Japanese games to start off. Smash Tennis Namco was originally released in 1998, the same year I was born in fact, so a long time ago.

It was a simple PlayStation 1 Tennis video game that allowed up to four players. It also featured actual athletes such as Anna Kournikova, who was on the cover itself.

Being a Japanese game, there has to be a catch right? Well, Smash Tennis Namco also featured several characters from other Japanese video game titles. This includes Yoshimitsu from Tekken or Richard Miller from Time Crisis. Guest stars the way Smash Bros does it. That’s how I can see where the confusion started.

Back to the important point, Waluigi probably won’t make the cut fellas. It’s not all bad news though. With the progress in video gaming we’ve made until now, Smash Tennis Namco could have a killer cast. We can see players from all manner of Japanese games that aren’t just Tekken. Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden for example, or Mai from King of Fighters.

What the European branch of Namco plans to do with the trademark of Smash Tennis, they’ve just acquired, is unknown. Expect news relatively soon, however. It will definitely be a long-overdue comeback.