The Division 2 Update 1.10 Is Here With New Episodes, Missions And Content

The Division 2 version 1.10 has just been updated and is now available already to holders of the season pass. The update brings some new gameplay features in the forms of missions, story, and expedition.

For the holders of the Division 2 season pass, a few features of update 1.10 are available in early access. Sooner by about a whole week ahead of regular The Division 2 owners. The content the season pass owners will get before anyone else are The two new main missions as well as the first Investigation Area of Kenly College.

This is similar to the fashion that the Division 2 Beta was conducted. A lot of pre-orders were honored with early access to the demo in comparison to everybody else. Now the season pass holders will get to go outside of D.C a whole week before the rest of the player base. There’s also access to some new PvE features and modes. Likely referring to Kenly College.

For the rest of the playerbase, balance changes will roll out for everybody on the 23rd. Discovery mode in Operation Dark Hours will also be given around to holders of the season pass and those without. There’s also the heatwave apparel event.

Camp White Oak is a retrieval mission. You’re tasked with bringing the double-crossing president Ellis into custody. This will be done by raiding a compound in the woods. The Manning Zoo mission will task players with hunting down the leader of the Outcasts, Emeline Shaw before she regains her strength in seclusion.

This update should give players new things to do if the raid matchmaking hasn’t kept them occupied till now. There’s new gear and loot to work towards as well. Items such as the Raid LMG and whatnot.

Being titled Episode 1, you can expect more content in the future. No confirmation on when though. All Episode 1 content will be available to the fanbase after the 30th of July. Being the 23rd for pass holders.