Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Has A Cool Netflix Daredevil Reference

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order as the name implies, is set in the Marvel universe. It was therefore a given that it would have references to the Marvel universe. But easter eggs referencing movies and T.V. shows, including the Daredevil Netflix TV series have also been found. If you haven’t played The Black Order yet, you are being warned as there are spoilers ahead.

When you get to Chapter 3: Shadowland in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, the Hand ninja clan are the enemies. They are ofcourse on the payroll of Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin. Then enters Daredevil and he becomes a playable character.

During the Shadowland level, there’s a dark hallway section where Hand ninjas keep coming. It’s during this sequence that Daredevil says that he does some of his best fighting in hallways. This is nod to one of the most famous action scenes from the Netflix series.

The Netflix Daredevil easter egg is after the 35 minute mark:

It’s probable that there are many other easter eggs hiding in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3‘s levels. But the fact that the game recognizes the Netflix shows is somewhat shocking. This is because Netflix has canceled its Marvel TV shows.

Apparently Marvel wanted all of the series to continue with additional seasons. There has been talk of bringing the Marvel shows back on Hulu or even the Disney+ streaming service, but nothing official has been announced at the time of this writing.

It’s little touches like this that help make a game memorable. And a game’s memorability also helps sales as is clear with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is a sequel to the Marvel Ultimate Alliance series but only in the mechanics and name. It is set in a different universe from the past storylines.

The storyline takes inspiration from Infinity War and Endgame but it different as well. It features Thanos and his Black Order as the main villains, but it also has other stage specific villains from the marvel universe.

You get to play as different Marvel heroes in different stages, with upto four of your friends. Some characters you get automatically and some you get later on. You get them later on by playing optional missions or as part of free or paid DLCs. You can level up your characters.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance: The Black Order is out now on the Nintendo Switch.