Death Stranding Inspired Perfume Ad Real Or Just Clever Marketing?

Is confusion a scent? If a Death Stranding inspired perfume ad trailer is actually a trailer, we might as well get a scene like that. But some speculate that it’s just another Hideo Kojima publicity stunt for his game.

A new perfume commercial from Brazilian cosmetic company O Boticário appeared online. What’s remarkable about that, right? Eagle-eyed Reddit users, however, have pointed out that that it features a shot-for-shot recreation of one of the monsters featured in Kojima’s upcoming new game of 2019.

MP1st has been kind enough to make a side by side comparison video. The resemblance is more than passing, it seems to be exact. Does this simply mean that gamers are in charge of O Boticário advertising or is something Hideo-Esque at play?

We have also put up the full ad below. The ad is certainly confusing enough that it could be something from the mind of Kojima.

Kojima himself has yet to comment on or address this strange turn of events. This might be because he’s squirreling away making Death Stranding the best game it can be before it’s November 8, 2019 release date.

Kojima, the creator of the Metal Gear Solid series recently appeared at San Diego Comic-Con 2019. There he revealed that Keanu Reeves was suggested for the lead role in his upcoming PS4 game. But he decided to go with Norman Reedus instead. Not everything can be Cyberpunk 2077!


Death Stranding’s trailer is packed and it’s very difficult to understand. Nearly everyone has tried to decipher the videos. But to have a basic understanding of what’s going on, you can watch the video.

We have been getting new reveals about the game. And with that, our understanding of the game is being introduced. Since this is a Hideo Kojima game, even the covers of the PS4 games could mean something dark.

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