Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Won’t Feature A Mute Protagonist

A staple in Call of Duty games, especially the Modern Warfare series, was a mute protagonist. This meant that the character you were playing as wouldn’t speak. After asking Infinity Ward on Twitter, they confirmed that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare won’t have a mute protagonist.

The confirmation was made courtesy of Taylor Kurosaki of Infinity Ward. He answered a fan question on Twitter regarding the main character’s vocal abilities:

Modern Warfare games have had this mute protagonist trope in them. It only worked well in two cases for me, one was with Soap and another was with Roach.

As a new soldier following orders, it made sense for how Soap didn’t talk much. The same went for Roach. What I didn’t like was when we took control of Soap again in the end of MW2. This was after a game full of him speaking, and suddenly he goes mute again when we play as him. It was nostalgic but it didn’t make sense. We could no longer roleplay either since we now knew what he was like. It looks like Call of Duty Modern Warfare won’t be making that mistake again.

This news isn’t good or bad, it’s just news. I say this because mute protagonists as a gameplay mechanic are subjective. Some people like them while others don’t. Both sides also have good reasons for their opinions.

I’m on the side of disliking mute protagonists. The reason being that they often feel excluded from the main story. This is due to their lack of emotion or depth in character. A person’s voice is a great relay of emotion, often a times characters in media are praised for their voice work.

There are some games that play mute protagonists as a self-aware gag. Such as Portal 2 where GlaDos calls Chell a mute maniac. But then in many instances, it’s just really bland. Far Cry 5 had a really annoying mute protagonist that did nothing for the story. His only reactions were in erratic hand movements. It really made me miss Jason from Far cry 3.

Similarly, I can see why mute protagonists are a good thing. Skyrim and Fallout New Vegas did have dialogue but not a voiced character. This is because silent protagonists give players a self-insertion aspect. If a character doesn’t have a voice or established personality, it’s easy enough to imagine one for them. That’s a reason we did attach to Soap and Roach from the Modern Warfare games.

Apart from the mute protagonist, a lot of other details about Modern Warfare have been leaked online before the official reveal. You can check out the information yourself on and stay tuned for the official Modern Warfare reveal on August 1.