Overwatch Role Queue Coming In New Patch, Will Help With Team Makeups

One of the biggest challenges of games like Overwatch and League of Legends is the ability to make a well-balanced team. Supports, healers, and tanks are among the many different character types people want to play, and so the Overwatch role queue coming with this patch will help with that.

Having a good team composition is one of the most important parts of Overwatch, and sometimes it can cause friction before a game even begins, especially when a player refuses to budge from their pick or threatens to drag the team down on purpose if they can’t pick the character they want.

The Overwatch role queue is a much-requested feature in Overwatch. Before going into a match on the Competitive or Quick Play matches, players will be confronted with a questionnaire on whether they want to pick a Tank, a Support, or a DPS.

Once you choose your role, the queue will put two players from each role on the same team, ensuring an even spread of two tanks, two DPS characters, and two supports. To make sure no one can just choose something and then pick their preferred character anyway, players will be limited to picking characters in the role that they chose.

In addition to guaranteeing good team composition, the role queue mechanic is intended to eliminate gimmick teams that pick a team made entirely of one sort of role, like a team of all Mercys, all Genjis, or all Bastions.

However, if you don’t find the new Overwatch role queue mechanic to your liking, you can always take part in Quick Play Classic, which will allow you to pick the character you want free of the limitations the system puts on you.

Either way, it’s likely that the role queue system will do wonders for competitive composition in professional Overwatch leagues. Role queue is currently in the game’s public test realm, and a beta will be running from August 13 to September 1, where it will finally be fully available in the game.