Swedish Retailer Lists An Unlikely Release Date for Ghost of Tsushima

A Swedish site may have just spoiled Sucker Punch Productions’ release date plans for Ghost Of Tsushima on PlayStation 4.

According to Swedish retailer Spelbutiken, Ghost of Tsushima release date is set for November 22, 2019. However, we advise everyone to treat the provided information as a rumor for now.

November 22 lands on a Friday, which is a common weekday of choice for big game releases and given that it’s right before the weekend.

Ghost Of Tsushima Release Date

The store listing suggests that it can be nothing but a placeholder. In addition to this, this is the same Swedish retailer which previously listed Ghost of Tsushima release date for August 30, 2019.

If the mentioned release date is true, it’s closer than anticipated considering the information that we know about the upcoming game by Sucker Punch Productions.

Another reason to not believe in the listing above is the fact that Death Stranding is releasing on November 8 so there’s no way that both big games by Sony will release in the same month. It just doesn’t make sense that why will Sony release two big games week after week to confuse PS4 players.

If you ask me, Ghost Of Tsushima will release sometime in 2020, maybe before the official launch of PlayStation 5. Because Sucker Punch will most likely want to release their next big game (after Infamous) as a cross-generation title.

We can expect Sony to make Ghost Of Tsushima related announcements at PlayStation Experience 2019. Apparently, the game is still in early phases of development. Ghost of Tsushima pre-orders are expected to go live right after its release date reveal.

Last week, Sucker Punch Productions was looking for a “Senior Gameplay Animator” to work on their Samurai game. The job listing also tells us that the game’s development is progressing smoothly.

It appears that the studio is making sure that the upcoming game exceeds the expectations of the fans and Sony. The developer wants to make sure that the Ghost of Tsushima is another successful PlayStation exclusive game.

There’s very little that we know about the upcoming Samurai game. The only trailer that we saw of Ghost of Tsushima was at E3 2018. Interested folks can check out the trailer below.

With that said, it’s possible that Ghost of Tsushima is in a playable state by the end of 2019 and maybe playable at PlayStation Experience 2019.

If Ghost of Tsushima releases on November, 22 then without a doubt it will be one of the best PS4 games of 2019.