Gears Of War 5 Multiplayer Test Begins July 19, Available To Download Now

The first Gears of War 5 multiplayer test is available to download now, before it starts up on July 19, tomorrow. The test will allow players to be able to experience the Escalation, Arcade, and King of the Hill multiplayer modes, and will also serve as a test bed for various features too.

Everyone who pre-ordered the game is eligible to download it, along with anyone that is subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass program, so The Coalition should have a fairly good number of people downloading the game and helping to test out its multiplayer on both the Xbox One and PC.

The Gears of War 5 Multiplayer test doesn’t start until 10 A.M. Pacific Time tomorrow, so you can go and download it tonight and have it ready to start playing whenever you’re ready for it. You can expect it to take up around 10 or 11 gigabytes of memory on whatever platform you download it on, but don’t expect much.

As we said above, you’ll have three game modes (Escalation, Arcade, and King of the Hill) on two different multiplayer maps in order to get a more focused testing bed. Other multiplayer tests will probably expand it in the future, though.

Along with the maps and game modes, though, there will also be challenges to complete. Completing these “Tour of Duty” challenges will get you an exclusive tech test banner, while completing more of them can net you three new versus weapon skins.

If you’re busy this weekend and can’t take part in the Gears of War 5 multiplayer test, it’s no big deal. There will be another test on July 26. It will run to July 29, just like this one will run from July 19 to July 22.

Gears of War 5 will be coming out in full on September 10 of this year for the Xbox One and the PC.