Xbox One Users Can Turn Off Cross Play For Ranked Matches In Gears 5

When a fan brought up the question of how Gear 5’s cross-play will work across different platforms and what settings the game will offer, the developers offered an answer. Xbox One players will have the option to disable crossplay for ranked matches in Gears 5.

While replying to the question on Twitter, Ryan Cleven, the Multiplayer Design Director working on Gears 5, offered up an explanation of how Gears 5’s cross-play options will be like.

TC Octus, who is the Senior Community Manager at The Coalition, explained Gears 5’s cross-play system even further by saying:

It seems that The Coalition is really trying to bring a sense of unity with Gears 5’s multiplayer. It is the developer’s viewpoint that it shouldn’t matter what platform you are playing on, players should get an equal experience with the game. This is another reason why Gears 5 will have keyboard and mouse support on consoles and controller support on PC.

But even despite this support, many fans still argue that PC players will still have the upper hand due to Field of View (FoV) scaling options offered by PCs.

It is still unclear whether or not Gears 5 will offer the same toggle options for cross-play when it comes to non-ranked matches in multiplayer mode. It is likely we’ll learn more about this soon as Gears 5’s release date draws closer.

Gears 5 has a scheduled release date for September 10, 2019, for both Microsoft Xbox One and PC. You can also take part in Gears 5’s first technical test today if you are a game pass subscriber.