Future Of Splatoon Hasn’t Been Considered By Nintendo Yet In Face Of Final Splatfest

The final Splatfest of Splatoon 2 is starting this weekend, and much like the original game’s final Splatfest pitting Cali against Mari, this one is getting slightly more metaphysical as it pits Order against Chaos. However, despite it being the final Splatfest, Nintendo apparently hasn’t given much though to the future of Splatoon.

The original Splatoon came out in 2015 and served as one of the Wii U’s final hit games, with a surprising amount of popularity due to its setting and gameplay style. Splatoon 2 released in 2017 as one of the big opening titles for the Nintendo Switch.

However, despite it now being two years since Nintendo released Splatoon 2, now Nintendo is saying that they haven’t really planned out anything for the future of Splatoon. Hisashi Nogami, the game’s producer, gave an interview to Famitsu talking about what exactly that means.

According to Nogami, Splatoon 2’s production began immediately after the original Splatoon launched. Splatoon 2 also has the Octo Expansion that came out last year, and apparently Nintendo is focusing on updates to the game for now.

While this doesn’t mean that we’ll never get a third Splatoon game, it does mean that it’s not that high on Nintendo’s priority list right now. Exactly what this means for the series though remains to be seen, especially since a huge community has built up around Splatoon.

The game has a huge amount of popularity around the world, and was even popular enough for the Inklings to make it into Super Smash Bros Ultimate, being confirmed for that game when it was first announced at the tail end of a March Nintendo Direct show.

Either way, even if we won’t be getting a new Splatoon game every two years like we thought we would, hopefully Nintendo will see the potential they have and will keep the future of Splatoon in mind.