Surprisingly, EA Doesn’t Have A Shooting Game in 2019 to Counter COD

EA and Activision go head to head almost every year with premium first-person shooters. However, this year EA is taking a step back with its Battlefield franchise. The winter season is open for business for Modern Warfare. Why that is? It seems Battlefield 5’s mediocre performance last year and the fact that Respawn is working on Star Wars had a role to play.

But the lack of an EA shooter game this year is actually a good thing. It not only ensures quality for the next EA shooter but also opens up a realm of possibilities. There are so many shooters in EA’s library that can compete with Activision’s Call of Duty next year. EA is now in a position to bring something truly special for us in 2020.

What EA Should Do in 2020 With a Premium FPS Game?

EA has an amazing catalog of FPS games that haven’t seen the light of day for a long time. These games, if brought back, EA can give Activision’s Call of Duty 2020 tough time. Activision is doing something different with COD, a mature, gritty experience we’ll see this year. We expect a similar approach next year from EA and it can be done by bringing back renowned IPs.

The Glorified Return of Medal of Honor?

Medal Of Honor Warfighter

Medal of Honor: Warfighter released back in 2012 so it is safe to say it is time for this series to make a comeback. It is an iconic franchise from EA that has been on hiatus for a long time. Website GameInformer published an interesting article titled “Why It’s Time for a New Medal of Honor.”

The author floated the idea of Respawn Entertainment working on a new Medal of Honor game. The studio has veterans from Activision that worked on Call of Duty franchise. Respawn has done well with Titanfall series so a Respawn Medal of Honor game will be superb.

EA’s Lesser-Known Gen, Black

EA Black

Not many people are aware of this gen from EA. It is one of the best FPS games ever created. Black never saw a sequel even though it was way ahead of its time in terms of gameplay and visuals. It pushed PS2 and Xbox hardware to its limits.

The original Black is the creation of the now-defunct Criterion Games. Publisher EA still holds the rights to Black so it isn’t far fetched to think Black can return.

2020 Could Be The Year of Bad Company 3

Bad Company 2 Remaster

Since EA brought back Modern Warfare for the old school hardcore Call of Duty fan, who’s to say EA won’t do the same for Battlefield community? 2020 gives the perfect opportunity to bring back Bad Company 3. The series has been on ice for long enough and despite many rumors over the year, none come to fruition.