PlayStation VR 2 Could Release In 2021 As A Wireless Device

The PlayStation VR launched back in 2016 gave the PlayStation 4 a good dose of VR capabilities. Sony recently confirmed that Virtual Reality won’t immediately come with the PlayStation 5. They have made it evident that they will continue to work on it, however. These leaks may have given us a taste of what we can expect from the PlayStation VR 2 whenever it does come out.

Sony is definitely planning to innovate and take their Virtual Reality game to the next level. Albeit it may take some time for us to see as the release window is being estimated for 2021. Not too far ahead of the PlayStation 5 but not exactly close either.

The PlayStation VR 2 is also rumored to cost up to $250. It will be supposedly wireless and feature tracking using the player’s eye movements as well. A step further into the VR genre.

The PlayStation 5 won’t be restricted from VR access upon launch, however. Sony have confirmed that the previous PlayStation VR originally used on the 4 will be compatible with the PlayStation 5. It won’t be as advanced as the PlayStation VR 2 seemingly shapes up to be.

The device will support the 2,560-by-1,440 resolution, a 120-hertz refresh rate, and provide a 220-degree field of view. On top of all this it will most likely be wireless. All of this bundled up into a $250 package.

The PlayStation VR 2 will also be able to track a player’s head movements. Determining how horizontal or vertical they may be.

How much popularity will this VR device gain though? The whole concept of virtual reality is appealing to all kinds of audiences. The way it’s been relayed to us hasn’t been the best, however. That’s why it’s hard to tell if the PlayStation VR 2 will even gain any traction at all. People might be more focused on the PlayStation 5 games instead. A lot of next-gen exclusives are on the horizon.

Let’s just hope the PlayStation VR 2 project doesn’t distract them from their other work. Find out more about the patents and schematics here.