PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Season 4 Seems To Be Leaning More Towards Story

There’s not really much background lore that you need when it comes to Battle Royale games. You’re dropped into a large area with around a hundred other players and have to be the last one standing. But now PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds season 4 appears to be leaning more towards a story.

Just today, the official PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds YouTube channel released a trailer for season 4 that actually appeared to give the game some sort of story, telling the story of an old man who, in 1956, watched Erangel (which players would recognize as the game’s first map) be destroyed by a Russian invasion.

Since then, due to him being the sole survivor of that massacre, apparently it’s been that man who has organized the Battlegrounds matches, in order to draw out people’s full potential to survive like he did.

According to the game’s website, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds season 4 will be taking us into the game like never before. Erangel has been changed in a variety of ways, and we’re also going to be getting new weapons and items like the Desert Eagle, gas cans, and the ability to actually grab ledges.

The website promises that Season 4 will allow us to see PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds like never before, so we’ll most likely be getting a shakeup when season 4 comes out. And considering how prolific battle royale games have become over the past few years, it’s about time.

While PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was the first battle-royale game to truly be popular on the market, the game has lost a lot of players to games like Fortnite and Apex Legends, not helped by its slow update schedule and a severe hacking problem.

You can see the trailer for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds season 4 by following this link. The new season will be starting on July 24, so hopefully players will be able to see what all is different in the new game, and we may even be getting story out of it.