Gears 5 Technical Test Will Have Native Mouse And Keyboard Support On Xbox One

Gears 5’s release date is just around the corner and so is its first technical test, this is why we are getting a continuous barrage of information about its gameplay. During the latest Twitch live stream, the developers once again confirmed that Gears 5 will have native Mouse and Keyboard support on consoles.

Keyboard and mouse work great for cover shooting games such as Gears of War. It naturally enable the players to take more accurate shots, move swiftly, and react quickly. While controllers work better for driving games, the keyboard and mouse are excellent when it comes to shooting your enemies.

For a long time, the keyboard and mouse were only limited to PC games but now it’s getting more common for game developers to provide keyboard and mouse support for consoles as well. It seems that is exactly what The Coalition will be doing with the upcoming Gears 5.

Earlier this year, during CES 2019, Razer unveiled its brand-new Turret Keyboard, a device touted to be compatible with Xbox One. At that time, one of the first games announced to come with out-of-the-box native support for Razer Turret was Gears 5.

This is quite interesting because it gives the players a lot of choices how they want to experience Gear 5’s gameplay. Of course, PC players have keyboard and mouse but thanks to Windows’ Xbox support, they can also use a controller on PC. Same goes for Xbox One players who now will have keyboard and mouse support for Gears 5.

But keyboard and mouse support is not all PC players have when it comes to shooting games. Most games also feature a Field of View (FoV) scale that allows players to set how much they want to see on their screen. But will Gears 5 also feature FoV options on the console? This is yet to be determined.

Gears 5 has a scheduled release date for September 10, 2019, for both Microsoft Xbox One and PC. You can also take part in Gears 5’s first technical test if you are a game pass subscriber. It is scheduled to start on July 19 at 10 am PT, 1 p.m. ET and it will run until July 22 at 10 am PT.