Total War Three Kingdoms DLC Announced With Eight Princes Chapter Pack

Several months ago, Creative Assembly promised us that Total War Three Kingdoms DLC would be coming eventually, in the form of things known as “Chapter Packs” that would tell more stories about the Three Kingdoms period. Now, that time has come with a new trailer announcing the Eight Princes chapter pack.

The Eight Princes makes the “Three Kingdoms” title something of an artifact, since it doesn’t take place in that period. The DLC instead takes place a hundred years after the Three Kingdoms period, years after Sima Yi united all three kingdoms into the new Jin Dynasty.

Players will be taking control of one of eight different princes of the Sima clan as they battle for supremacy with their relatives in order to prove themselves as the rightful emperor over their mentally incapable relative Sima Zhong.

The Total War Three Kingdoms DLC trailer announces a number of new characters (Sima Yong, Sima Jiong, Sima Yue, Sima Ai, Sima Ying, Sima Lun, Sima Liang, and Sima Wei), new units, new factions, and new campaign mechanics to use in your games.

We don’t know exactly everything about the Eight Princes chapter pack right now, but Creative Assembly has said that we’ll be learning more about the pack later in the future. The pack will also be coming out alongside another piece of free downloadable content that will be revealed on August 1.

Along with the announcement of the new Free-LC for Total War: Three Kingdoms, Creative Assembly also dropped a hint that we would be seeing something new about Total War Warhammer 2 sometime in September, though they haven’t hinted at just what.

Now that the historical Total War has been released and there’s only DLC to work with now, the time may be coming for Creative Assembly to start building towards the reveal of Total War Warhammer 3.

But, if you’ve already conquered China in your own Total War Three Kingdoms game, yet still want more, the Eight Princes DLC pack will be releasing on August 8. You can see the trailer here.