The Abyssal Armor Is Finally Available In Darksiders 3 With Keepers of the Void DLC

The Abyssal Armor — the most powerful armor set in the Darksiders series was missing from Darksiders III when it released back in 2018. Fans couldn’t find the armor anywhere and the reason for this was that THQ Nordic locked it behind a DLC wall so they could release it as a part of Darksider III’s DLC. And now with the latest Darksiders 3: Keepers of the Void DLC expansion update, fans can finally get the Abyssal Armor.

Fans may remember the Abyssal Armor for both War and Death in the previous Darksiders games. It was the most powerful armor set in both Darksiders and Darksiders II. When Darksiders III finally hit the stores last year, many fans found themselves wondering where the Abyssal Armor was and how they could get it.

After the reveal last month, fans didn’t have to wait much for the Darksiders 3: Keepers of the Void DLC that THQ Nordic released the yesterday. The main plot of the Keepers of the Void revolves around Darksiders III’s Fury going into the Serpent Holes.

Fury is there on a quest given by Vulgrim. During the span of the DLC, Fury must dispatch an ancient enemy in an effort to restore order to the Serpent Holes.

According to Darksiders 3: Keepers of the Void’s description on its Steam page:

On a quest from Vulgrim, Fury must travel into the Serpent Holes to remove an ancient threat that resides there. All new locations, puzzles, and enemies await the chance to test Fury’s abilities. As a reward, she can unlock all new weapon forms for the Hollows as well as the biggest prize of them all: The Abyssal Armor.

Now, there is a lot of deep lore behind The Abyssal Armor and there is clearly a high demand for it from Darksiders fans. The Abyssal armor was forged for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse by The Mad Smith in anticipation of the end war as their ultimate armor.

Most of The Abyssal armor piece were then hidden away The Charred Council. Some pieces were stolen by demons, some were lost, all of them were scattered across the Darksiders’ universe and never found.

The Abyssal armor also has a very powerful effect on War in Darksiders. It drastically increases War’s defensive abilities, making enemies deal less damage and gives life upon all attacks. It functions similar to Bloodthirst but a very potent version of it.

The lack of The Abyssal armor in Darksiders III was a big reason why some hardcore fans of the series were disappointed by the third installment. Check out our review here. But thanks to the latest Darksiders 3: Keepers of the Void DLC expansion update, fans can finally get their hands on The Abyssal armor.

Darksiders III is out now on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.