New Overwatch Cheating Detection Will Now Shut Down Matches Immediately

Blizzard has always been hawk-eyed in their efforts to keep people from being able to successfully cheat on Overwatch. However, the new Overwatch cheating detection program will take that a step farther and now immediately shut down a match if a cheater is taking part and is reported by another player.

Overwatch became very well known pretty early on in its life for being very strict about players being able to cheat in it. Using an aimbot, hacking, or some other form of cheating would not only get you banned from playing online on your account, but also your game and your IP address.

Previously, Overwatch would take note of cheaters and then ban them after the game was finished, but now cheaters won’t even get the luxury of getting through the game before they’re banned. The new Overwatch cheating detection software will now close the game down immediately, leaving everyone to find new games while the cheaters are punished severely.

This is a great deal more harsh than the cheating punishments for other games, such as with Apex Legends, which punishes the cheaters in its game by pairing them up with other cheaters in games so that they can see what it’s like to be on the other side.

It’s not just the players, either; Blizzard has previously also made use of lawsuits against online stores that deliberately sell cheating software that are then used by players in Overwatch, so this new example of new Overwatch cheating detection is just the next big step.

If you’re an actually honest Overwatch player that relies on skill to win games rather than software, then you have nothing to worry about other than the occasional annoyance as you have to find a new game that’s not populated by cheaters.

Otherwise, if you cheat in the game and have had the good fortune to not be caught yet, you might want to rethink your life before you end up actually getting caught.