Luigi’s Mansion 3 Is The Best Halloween Gift

After a number of rumors and leaks, Nintendo has now confirmed the release date for Luigi’s Mansion 3. The game is releasing on October 31 for Nintendo Switch. Nintendo America announced the release date on its official Twitter page earlier today.

You can pre-order Luigi’s Mansion 3 from a number of places right now. Keep in mind that there are no pre-order bonuses for the game. You can pre-order the title right now wait for the review to drop it before pulling the trigger.

What Do We Know About Luigi’s Mansion 3?

Scrarescaper Mode — The game comes with a mode that sees you clearing a room. You will be completing multiple challenges to collect coins by taking on Ghosts. The game supports the Co-op mode.

Many Things to Explore — There is a greenhouse, film studio, and a theatre stage.

Googigi — Luigi is able to summon a flubber-like version of himself. This character can be used to play coop or solved puzzles.

Moreover, there are new factions on the and a new story mode.

Polergust G-00

Luigi has brought a new vacuum called Pltergust G-00.