Watch Dogs Legion: Every Permadeath Effects The Story

Watch Dogs Legion is taking a daring step. It is going to give players the option to recruit any and all NPCs. But that’s not just it; all of them will have unique backstories, with different animations and different voice acting. The developers have talked about how the game’s script has twenty different variations. This means that there will be different cutscenes but how does it affect the advancement of the story?

The game features permadeath. This means that whenever any character you play as dies, they die permanently. That begs the question of how will the death of a character who we have chosen to be central to the story, affect the story if he/she dies?

Watch Dog Legion’s Creative Director, Clint Hocking, was asked this question in an interview with Gamingbolt. Every cutscene has been created with every possible outcome was what we could gather.

Hocking explained that every time a character’s health goes down to zero, the players have a choice. They can either choose the surrender option. With this option, the character will go to jail. They can be broken out from jail by another character you are playing as or wait out their sentence. Or they can choose to fight back, but if they do so, they will risk being permanently killed.

“Since every mission, every line of dialogue, and every cutscene has been written to account for every possible character, the loss of one of your characters means that the rest of your team will have to pick up where they left off and the plot and the story will carry on,” Hocking continued. “Each character has their own origin story – the story of how they are recruited into DedSec, and once they are on your team, the main missions and the overall game narrative are the story of DedSec as a team, and how they collectively work to halt the emergence of the authoritarian regime that is trying to take over the city.”

Watch Dogs Legion is going release on March 6th, 2020 on PC, Stadia, Xbox One, and PS4.