Ubisoft HitRecord Partnership In Trouble Again Over Music For Watch Dogs Legion

The Ubisoft HitRecord partnership has come up in the news again, and is once again the subject of criticism. If you’re eagerly awaiting Beyond Good And Evil 2, you might be somewhat familiar with their offer, as Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who owns HitRecord, also has his fingers in that pie too.

Back when Beyond Good And Evil 2 was revealed a few years ago, HitRecord announced a contest in cooperation with HitRecord to put the artwork of various players into spots in Beyond Good and Evil 2’s world, and those artists who were chosen would be getting paid for their efforts.

The main problem with this was that the budget intended to pay the many artists that would send in their art only amounted to around $50,000, so with all of the art that they would be getting, each artist that ended up getting paid would likely not be paid much.

Now, the Ubisoft HitRecord partnership is striking again in Watch Dogs Legion, where the company is offering payment for independent musicians in order to get their songs featured in the game. Ten songs will be selected from the soundtrack, and each musician will be given part of $20,000 for their efforts.

In an age where many artists these days are self-employed people running on commissions, donations, or Patreon, whether they’re musicians or normal artists, many companies believe that exposure, meaning paying the artist in recognition rather than money, is payment enough, or even a relatively small amount of money.

A full time composer would earn a lot more than what the company is offering, so this comes across as more a cost-saving measure than an actual interest in fan-made content. HitRecord has also said that they will determine how much each artist gets of the line item.

Artists that have previously worked with HitRecord have said that they either were never paid or were not paid the fair amount in exchange, so the Ubisoft HitRecord partnership will likely drum up even more controversy this time around.

Watch Dogs Legion will be coming out on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on March 6 of 2020.