Cat Vs Dog Fight is the Next Fortnite In Game Event?

We are down to two weeks until Fortnite Season Nine ends. After that we’re will be introduced to season 10. But in the time in between, as is tradition, there will be a major Fortnite event. This event looks to be a battle of epic proportions.

Datamining found that the event will be Cattus vs Doggus. A lot of countdown timers have shown up at different locations around the Fortnite island. They suggest that the event is expected to take place at 7 pm BST on 20th July.

Cattus vs Doggus Next In Fortnite?

The revolting giant eyeball that showed up under Polar Peak in May, known as the Cattus monster, has since concealed itself in the sea. But it has not been hiding peacefully. It has destroyed parts of the Fortnite island. Over the course of the last few days, it has been observed near the coast. There’s a chance that it’s readying itself for an upcoming showdown.

Doggus is a humongous robot that has been under construction for a couple of weeks at the Pressure Plant. It is Cattus’s counterpart. Up till now, it has gotten a torso, legs, and wings. This suggests that the giant tin can will soar in the air above as part of the Fortnite event.

It is a saying that cats and dogs are enemies. The unofficial name seems to suggest that there will be a fight between the two. The plethora of warning signs that have appeared around the island also supports this. This will most probably end up destroying parts of the island.  Fortnite recommends moving to the sky platforms “when danger strikes” if you want to enjoy the event. No doubt you can enjoy it elsewhere as well, but we would rather see the fight comfortably in one place.

In the past, Fortnite in-game events have included a live Marshmello concert, a strange butterfly cinematic and a snowstorm that turned the entire island into a winter wonderland. The upcoming event will probably end up resulting in something similarly monumental. Let’s just hope the giant robot dog and the disgusting cat monster doesn’t team up.

It’s a good thing Fortnite wasn’t canceled.