August PlayStation Plus Lineup To Include Star Wars: Battlefront II and UFC 3?

We are past the second week of July and it seems we already know which games might be coming to the August PlayStation Plus lineup which is due next month. According to a leak, both Star Wars: Battlefront II and UFC 3 will be a part of the August PlayStation Plus games which players can play for free.

The leak comes from an anonymous source at Glitched Africa. As reported by the publication, Star Wars: Battlefront II and UFC 3 both were spotted along with the “free” tag on the PlayStation Plus store. You can see the leaked screenshots below.

This makes sense when we look at the upcoming November 2019 release date for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. This could be a promotional tactic by EA to generate some hype for Fallen Order using Battlefront II. Furthermore, Electronic Arts has made a lot of changes to Star Wars: Battlefront II after receiving a lot of backlash regarding the game’s loot box system, it isn’t as bad now.

And as far as UFC 3 is concerned, the game is already a bit pricy, costing $39.99 USD. So this could be great for UFC fans who have been looking forward to playing the UFC 3 on their PlayStation 4 for some time now. Earlier this year, we also got a Free Apex Legends Play Pack for PS4 PlayStation Plus Subscribers.

Right now, the PlayStation Plus Store doesn’t list Star Wars: Battlefront II and UFC 3 as free games. It is important to note that neither Sony nor EA has announced said games as a part of August PlayStation Plus lineup. Which is why it is best to take this rumor with at least a grain of salt.

It is likely we will see solid confirmation from PlayStation itself towards the end of July regarding the August PS Plus Lineup. For the time being, if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you can take advantage of the service and get your hands on Quantum Dream’s Detroit: Become Human as well as Horizon Chase Turbo.