A Low-End PC Won’t Stop Cyberpunk 2077 From Looking…Breathtaking!

CD Projekt Red caters to the fans needs as much as they can. This goes for every feasible way. One way is regarding visuals and another is affordability. With the custom RED engine which CDPR also used for the Witcher 3, high graphics are ensured. Not only that, Cyberpunk 2077 will look great even on low-end PCs. You might not need to upgrade for this game after all.

Here’s the official developer comment on the matter:

We have a very custom engine, the RED Engine. And actually, we’re targeting consoles as first-class platforms and it looks amazing there. So obviously, if you spent, you know, $2,000 building your PC rig, it’s going to look better on that. But the graphics are quite amazing for what you’re going to get from Cyberpunk 2077 on consoles and low-end PCs.

Graphics aren’t always the best way to define a video game. Often, people have the argument of gameplay over graphics. However, in today’s modern age of high end gaming, it’s very hard not to judge graphics.

With all the technology we now have, how can you not make your game look amazing? Even an indie game like the Sinking City has better graphics than full budgeted games from the PlayStation 2 era.

With that being said, it looks like Cyberpunk 2077 graphics won’t be hard to run. Now one thing the developers made sure to mention was that the game can look even better on high end PCs.

CD Projekt Red based the minimum level of their performance on consoles. The basic PlayStation 4 is just enough to rival a relatively low budget PC. That’s why visuals aren’t something we have to worry about in Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay.

Another addition to the statement by CD Projekt Red was the compatibility. Cyberpunk 2077 is designed to be optimized and later playable on next generation consoles. We could be seeing it on the Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5 as well soon.

Source: VG247