Psychonauts 2 Delay Revealed In Progress Video, Game Now Coming In 2020

If you’re a Psychonauts fan, you’re likely familiar with the long development process for the cult classic game’s sequel. Unfortunately, Tim Schafer released a progress video today announcing a Psychonauts 2 delay. The game, instead, will now be coming out in 2020. Double Fine Productions is also being acquired by Microsoft.

Psychonauts 2 was shown off at E3 back in June to a great reception, especially since the original game was so popular and recently experienced a resurgence when the game was remastered. While the game will be getting released later, Double Fine says they’ll still be able to honor their promises.

Despite the Psychonauts 2 delay the game will still be coming to all of its promised platforms, including the Playstation 4, and Double Fine will also soon be releasing another game that it’s been working on, entitled “RAD”. This game focuses on a post-post-apocalypse world where you play a young boy with special powers.

Going back to the acquisition by Microsoft, this makes Double Fine one of the most recent acquisitions by Microsoft, though much like many of the other studios it’s acquired they will not be restricted to making Xbox-exclusive games. If anything, this is a great opportunity for Double Fine.

With an indie studio that’s working independently, there are a large number of responsibilities other than game development that need to get done. While Double Fine has previously released a number of well-regarded games, including things like BrĂ¼tal Legend, Iron Brigade, and more, the studio has still been free of a publisher for a while.

Microsoft acquiring Double Fine means that the studio will be free to simply develop games without Tim Schafer having to look at the business side of things, and with funding from Microsoft Double Fine will likely be able to do a lot more in the future.

While we don’t have any indication of what the release date is after the Psychonauts 2 delay, hopefully this will be the only delay there is. You can watch the progress video for yourself by following this link.