PlayStation 5 Will Target Hard Core Gamers

Discussions centered around the next generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft is nothing new. A year after the PS4 and Xbox One were on the market, the speculations had begun. But now, quoting Doctor Strange,  “We’re in the Endgame”. Lead system architech Mark Cerny revealed a lot of details about the PlayStation 5 before E3. Microsoft unveiled their own Project Scarlett at the show in LA. Now, new reports suggest that Sony might be aiming the PlayStation 5 towards a more niche audience.

The report is based on what is allegedly insider information gathered by the Wall Street Journal. The report states that PlayStation 5 will try to target hardcore gamers specifically. Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida is then reported to have said “details when making games have become more important than ever,”. This might be why ray-tracing will be featured in the next console.

PlayStation 5 has very powerful hardware to “dramatically increase the graphics-rendering speed”. This somewhat justifies the expectation of a big price tag by people. Analyst Michael Pachter, for example, has guessed it could hit the $800 USD mark. This would make it one of the most expensive consoles ever. Even when compared with the infamous PlayStation 3’s standard (that launched at $499 and $599) it’s very pricey. But is it really that powerful? We have previously written about the rumored benchmarks of its hardware.

The speculation will keep on going until Sony reveals PlayStation 5 in full. Microsoft is late to the party and until they reveal more details about the Xbox Scarlett, we can’t be sure about. If it’s anything like the Scorpio though, we may get a proper name next E3, although Xbox chief Phil Spencer has said the price will be revealed ASAP.

PlayStation 4 completely dominated this generation of console wars. Even the Nintendo Switch outdid Xbox One in terms of sales. But this generation was a turning point for the games industry. Loot boxes and microtransactions became more common. Companies introduced Subscription based games services. PlayStation 4 showed the world that exclusive games were still very much required. With such innovations becoming part of business models we can only wait and watch how the next generation turns out.