PlayStation 4 Hidden Trophies Were Never Hidden, We Just Didn’t Know How to Access

Have you been jealous off all your friends who  showed off their PlayStation 4 hidden trophies? Was it frustrating because you didn’t know how to get them? Well PlayStation’s UK Twitter account has got your back. PlayStation UK Twitted this screenshot of a reddit entry by user RockyBalbubba.

All this time, all you needed to do was go to the hidden trophy and press square and voila! It tells you exactly what the hidden trophy was for. We understand that this might be a given fact for a lot of you, but some of you have been totally clueless about it. Well fear no more, for we are here to vanquish your PlayStation 4 related ignorance.

To be fair, this Trophy reveals trick hasn’t been available on the PlayStation 4 since launch. This was actually put in as part of the 4.0 system update in 2016, about three years after the system’s launch. The PlayStation U.K. account pointedly tweeted if anyone actually reads the system update notes. And, we feel personally attacked by that statement?

The thread had other tricks that you might not know. You can double-tap the PlayStation 4’s home button to swap between the last two screens you were on. (Which, as Redditor “srbman” points out, is useful if you’re chatting with people while playing.) You can also turn on an option to zoom in on the screen if you press the home button and square at the same time. This is good information for anyone who benefits from the larger text, etc.

It sure is a tragedy that this discovery will come for a lot of us in the last years of PS 4. But when the next generation of consoles is released, we don’t have to shift to them. Game titles like Death Stranding and Cyberpunk 2077 will still be there. So keep on playing and keep earning trophies.