Mike Rose on G2A Key Blocker: “G2A Publicly Making Some Positive-Sounding Noise”

Mike Rose is the developer behind Descenders and a vocal critic of G2A’s business model. He took to Twitter to share his opinion about the new G2A key blocker. According to Rose, G2A’s new Key¬† Blocker is a step in the right direction. However, it still ignores the issue of Steam gift links.

In a series of Tweets, Rose called G2A Key Blocker “positive-sounding noise.” Mike Rose doesn’t seem convinced of G2A’s Key Blocker initiative.

Mike Rose Criticising G2A Key Blocker

While this initiative has its issues it is indeed a step in the right direction. G2A isn’t developing the tool right now as it requires at least 100 developers to sign up first. G2A will work with developers to improve upon the shortcomings of this key blocker. Ever since the G2A debacle started, this is the first right move from the re-seller.