Man Of Medan Multiplayer Lets You Put You And Your Friends In A Horror Movie

Supermassive Games’s upcoming survival horror story Man of Medan will apparently have multiplayer in two different forms, though it’s not in the usual sense. The Man of Medan multiplayer will instead allow you and your friends to share in the experience of the game as you try and survive the story.

Man of Medan puts players in the role of a group of friends who come across a ghost ship and must survive long enough to get off of it in one piece. While not necessarily a sequel to the studio’s critically acclaimed narrative survival horror game Until Dawn, it’s still in the same sort of style.

The game’s title is based on the SS Ourang Medan, a ship that in 1947 ran aground in Indonesia with its entire crew dead of unknown causes. While these days most believe that hazardous materials leaked and were responsible for the crew’s death, there’s plenty of room for a ghost story there.

The Man of Medan multiplayer modes include Movie Night and Shared Story, each with their own rules. For Shared Story, two players can play together online, taking control of different characters and thus both players never get the whole story, including what is happening to the other characters and thus increasing the horror atmosphere.

Movie Night, however, seems more geared towards a party game. In that mode, players will all share one controller that is passed around between them, as each player is assigned to a certain character in the game and will be controlling their actions.

So, if you loved Until Dawn and have a few friends that you want to share in the scars with, you can play the Man of Medan multiplayer when the game comes out on August 30 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. You can see the multiplayer trailer by following this link.