Hardware Specs for New and Upgraded Nintendo Switch Leaked

Nintendo is apparently planning to upgrade the original model of Nintendo Switch. Following the official reveal of Switch Lite, a hacker and data miner named Mike Heskin took it to Twitter to reveal details about a completely new and improved Nintendo Switch system that is on its way.

Mike Heskin managed to find files related to Nintendo Switch upgrade through some of the recent system updates.

In short, changes are being made to the CPU and GPU of the upcoming system. In addition to this, the new and improved Switch will use DRAM (improves battery) and it is also available in Switch Lite.

Besides hardware, no changes are apparently being made to the outer design of the Switch. Furthermore, the revised model also supports more than 32 GB of internal storage.

According to Heskin, the below information about Nintendo Switch upgrade has been present in the OS for a long time. Below is the full summary of datamined files as provided by ResetEra user Atheerios.

Nintendo Switch Upgraded hardware specs

  • Since firmware 5.0 there has been support for three hardware lines, one with the original Tegra 210 and two for the new Tegra 214 (Mariko)
  • Those two hardware lines are Switch Lite and Switch “New”.
  • The original Switch has 4GB of RAM and 6GB for the devkit. The new models have support for both 4GB and 8GB of RAM.
  • Both Switch Lite and “New” use LPDDR4X DRAM which grants a small battery boost due to lower voltages.
  • Switch Lite has a smaller screen and non-detachable controllers while “New” Switch should have the exact same form factor.
  • The GPU in the “New” Switch is clocked at higher values than Switch Lite, potentially giving a modest performance boost.
  • Larger than 32GB memory is possible in the “New” units. Two models have been found in the firmware (codenames “Iowa” and “Calcio”) and is speculated that one will have more internal storage.
  • There’s absolutely no evidence of an actual “Pro” version. At least not in the sense that it would be based off of the Tegra X2 or have massive performance and/or memory improvements.

Do keep in mind that these details are not about the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro console, which is expected to be a next-generation console along with Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Scarlett.

Rather, the above details relate to a revised model of the original Nintendo Switch. In addition to this, It’s better to think of it as a similar upgrade of PS4 to Slim or Xbox One to Xbox One S.

There’s no mention of when this revised model of Switch will release. However, we do know that Nintendo submitted a filing recently to the Federal Communications Commission. This filing mentions updates being done to few internal components of original Nintendo Switch.

With that said, it’s safe to assume the upgraded version of Switch hardware will arrive sometime next year along with the release of next-generation consoles by Sony and Microsoft.

Don’t expect upgraded Switch to arrive this year because Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser has already confirmed that no new Switch hardware will arrive this year other than Nintendo Switch Lite.

Nintendo Switch Lite release date is set for September 20. Switch Lite price is $199.99 and it will arrive in three different color variants including Yellow, Grey, and Turquoise. For more information about Switch Lite, check out our detailed article.