G2A’s Key Blocker Aims to Counter Illegal Keys, Here’s How It Works

By now you must be familiar with the ongoing situation between G2A and video game developers. If not, the story isn’t that complicated to understand. G2A allows all kinds of keys to be sold On its platform. Most keys are obtained through shady means. Developers are now fighting for a better system on G2A. Either G2A improves itself or developers will ask fans to outright pirate their games instead of buying from G2A.

After careful consideration and a massive lapse in judgment, G2A now proposes a key blocker. The online “middle man” posted on its official website to discuss its plans for a new tool. The G2A Key Blockers will give developers control over keys sold on the platform. If any developer feels the key to his/her game being sold through G2A is illegal, it takes a few steps to block it.

The tool, in theory, will stop the abuse of review and giveaway keys.

How Does G2A Key Blocker Work?

  • You, the developer, only need to get verified. All you have to do is prove that you can act in the name of the studio you’re representing so that we can deter any impostors. Once your identity is confirmed, you will gain access to two separate sections.
  • The first of these is the “Review keys” part. Once you generate keys to be sent out for a review to various sources, all you would need to do is select your game in our panel and paste the keys you don’t want to pop up on our marketplace.
  • Once that’s done, each time anyone tries to sell a key for your game, our algorithm will check the keys you have provided us with. If there is a match, the seller will get a notification that the key has been blocked so that they can’t sell it.
  • The second section would be the “Giveaway” part. This panel works in the same way as the previous one – just fill in the keys you will be giving out that you don’t want sold before you start the giveaway.
  • If a seller tries to sell more than 3 keys that match the ones in the giveaway database, our system won’t allow that.

It must be noted that G2A key blocker isn’t in development right now. According to G2A, for the tool to be developed at least 100 developers must sign up for it.

Source: G2A