Epic Games “Paying Through The Nose” to Run Epic Store: Jason Kingsley

Jason Kingsley told MCV that he needed a “bloody good reason” to do an Epic Store exclusive recently. But Rebellion Developments have signed just such a deal for Zombie Army 4.

Studio founders Jason and Chris Kingsley had an interview with journalist Seth Barton at Develop: Brighton, this week. There, they spoke more about what made them rethink their approach conceding it was “a bit of an embarrassing interview to give” as a result.

“Generally I think I would prefer not to do exclusives but I understand Epic’s position with it, and quite frankly they are paying through the nose to build their store,” said Jason. “All credit to them, it’s fantastic, and we’ll take some of their money, thank you very much.”

Steam has been THE PC storefront for over a decade by default. Jason said that the reason they had decided to go elsewhere was a “pure business case.”

I think partly it’s also a bit of a kick up the backside for anybody whenever a new [competitor] comes into the marketplace. It makes you reflect. I mean, developers turn up with a brilliant game and… it makes you focus on your game as well. It’s exactly the same for multinationals.

Chris compared this new race to the ancient rivalry of Sony and Microsoft console wars. He stressed on how there needs to be balanced. He said when the balance is “too far out of whack” like the tremendous success of the PlayStation 2 over the Xbox, it leads to complacency, like with the PlayStation 3.

The rebellion hadn’t expected that Epic store would offer a deal to them.

I was aware that Epic was doing exclusives, [but] we hadn’t been offered at the time. Obviously, they count our new title Zombie Army 4 as a big title, which is great, it’s a really nice bonus for us. I was quite impressed by the numbers they offered.

It was all part of the “attractive package” Epic put forward, noted Jason. He said the Epic Games was “keen to help support the game.”

Sometimes, as an independent developer, you’ve gotta take your chances. When something like that is offered… you sort of share the risk and share the reward.

It sure does seem like soon it will be easier to make a list of the developers who haven’t signed a deal with Epic Games Store.

Source: Games Industry