Supply Drops Returning To Modern Warfare 2019 Along With Apex Legends Like Executions

Supply drops are a recurring feature in Modern Warfare and Call of Duty games. They are loot box-like items players can get from different tasks. The other half of the gameplay features being revealed were executions in Modern Warfare 2019.

Here’s the Tweet detailing supply drops:

And here is the Tweet talking about the newly added executions mechanic.

Supply Drops are a bit like loot boxes or “surprise mechanics” as EA has taken to calling them. We’re not sure just yet on how Modern Warfare 2019 plans to monetize the game. All we have on their strategy so far is the pre-order making Captain Price playable in Black Ops 4.

The supply drops are said to be far more generous than your run of the mill loot boxes though. Hopefully the system isn’t encouraging of any sort of pay-to-win or gambling.

Execution is a gameplay feature new to Call of Duty. It isn’t new to gaming itself though. Many games out there have utilized the execution mechanic. One that puts two players through a unique animations of killing one another. Similar to knife animations in Battlefield or Assassinations in Halo Reach. Apex Legends recently, also introduced similar execution mechanic.

The details of how executions will work and be landed weren’t confirmed. Apex Legends was cited for inspiration though. This means you could only expect to land executions in Modern Warfare 2019 after downing/injuring your opponent.

Executions are also classified as a cosmetic. This is why the Tweet adds how we can earn executions through Supply Drops we get for logging in every day.

How grindey will the supply drop system be? We’ve often seen games counter their free loot box grant by filling the game with loads of useless items. This is to decrease the chance of the player getting exactly what they want so that they can seek more drops.

How many executions does that mean Modern Warfare 2019 will have? It sounds like there will be a long list divided by tier divisions. It can give players something to work for.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is being developed by Infinity Ward. The game will release later this year. Don’t forget to tune into the first reveal of Modern Warfare 2019 gameplay tomorrow.