New Monster Hunter World Iceborne Developer Diary Talks About New Hub

A Monster Hunter World Iceborne developer video diary presented by Capcom and Ryozo Tsujimoto, Kaname Fujioka and Daisuke Ichihara was recently shared. The diary detailed a lot of the features we can consider to expect to come soon to Iceborne. Not only will they change up Iceborne, but also the base game a bit.

We’ll start with the basic and most upfront change. There will be a new hub for players now. A hub in the icy cold tundra of Iceborne. The new hub is called Seliana and is exactly what you would expect in features.

To give you a more homely feeling around the base, Seliana is equipped with a lot of hot springs. Ones you can relax in, jump around, swim and even splash other players. The team emphasized how they wanted to maximize player interaction. That’s why Seliana is fitted with a lot of potentials to make it happen.

This new Monster Hunter Iceborne hub makes prepping/gearing up while picking a mission easier as well. There isn’t as much running around needed to do a lot of the tasks you need.

This brings me to the next point of the Monster Hunter World Iceborn developer diary. The devs are focused on quality of life improvements within the game. This includes multiplayer difficulty scaling. Often a times after assembling a party, if they disconnected, the game didn’t downscale.

Essentially, that meant you were fighting 4 higher level monsters because your buddy Duncan disconnected. Well, now, the game difficulty will scale down with the party size.

Iceborne has also added a lot of room customization. The walls, the paper on them, the type of furniture, even the material. You can choose between having a wooden or stoned home as you please.Here’s a nifty guide to getting those decorations. One flaw with it, however.

Inviting your friends to the room hasn’t been implemented yet. It is being worked on, however. The diary also stated that there are future plans for it.

Finally, multiplayer compatibility was explained a bit. The interaction and connectivity between Iceborne players and plain Monster Hunter players is still there. They will share experiences in a lot of the upcoming game mechanics. This includes Iceborne players being able to join their base game friends on quests. Difficulty will still adjust.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is set to release on the 6th of September later this year according to Capcom.