Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 Gameplay Will Be Revealed Tomorrow

Update: According to reports, Call of Duty Modern Warfare on console swill be locked at 67 FOV, with Motion Blur and Depth of Field always enabled.

Original Story: Uptil now, we’ve only had Infinity Ward’s word to go on regarding Modern Warfare 2019 gameplay. We were told that it will be Gritty and realistic. We’ve even gotten a cinematic trailer, but no gameplay. That’s going to change tomorrow when OpTic TeeP finally showcases Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 gameplay.

Here’s the official Tweet revealing the announcement. It pertained to a new game mode called Gun Fight as well.

We can finally confirm a lot of features that were promised to us in this game. Details such as bullet drop, gore and other kinds of grit.

Another point of interest was the mention of the game mode in the Tweet. Gunfight, a new 2v2 mode being introduced in Modern Warfare 2019.

Regarding what game modes we can expect, Infinity Ward has already confirmed a few things. The first established point was that we won’t have zombies in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. That remains a trope for Black Ops to use.

Spec Ops were also confirmed to be returning as a part of Modern Warfare 2019 gameplay. The reasoning given behind this by Infinity ward was realism. Every game mode in Modern Warfare 2019 takes place in the same universe as the story. Unlike Black Ops that takes on alternate realities and what-if scenarios.

Gunfight was confirmed to be a PvP mode. Most probably a duo death match type game. Or it could be something else as well, we will know tomorrow.

If the PvP also takes place in the same universe, it’ll be interesting to see the integration. Regarding guns and 2v2s, Call of Duty games have had a mode called gun rush. One that tasked players with getting a kill with every type of gun. Gunfight sounds slightly similar but we’re yet to receive more info.

Tune in for the Modern Warfare 2019 gameplay showcase tomorrow. The release date for the game is also set near November.