Nintendo Switch Lite Won’t Run All Nintendo Games, Big “L” to Nintendo Fans

Nintendo Switch Mini which is now officially called Nintendo Switch Lite, won’t run your entire games library. According to Nintendo, this dumbed down version of Switch only supports games with handheld mode. There are many games that don’t support handheld mode.

The new Lite model is coming with a $199 price tag, smaller screen, and built-in joy cons. Let’s breakdown all the features of both Nintendo handhelds.

Nintendo Switch Lite Vs Nintendo Switch

So what’s the difference between Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite? Apart from the price we have other aspects to discuss. The Lite model doesn’t support the dock so no TV mode. Joy-cons are built-in so no tabletop mode is added to Switch Lite.

Nintendo Switch Features

  • TV Mode – Yes
  • Table Top Mode – Yes
  • All Switch Games Supported
  • Comes With a Set of Joy-Con Controllers
  • Switch Dock and HDMI cable included
  • 4″ high 9.4″ long .55″ deep (with Joy-con attached)
  • Weight–.88lbs
  • 6.2″ touch screen
  • Battery — 2.5 – 6.5 hours

Nintendo Switch Lite

  • TV Mode – No
  • Tabletop Mode – No
  • Only Supports Handheld Games
  • Joy-Cons Not Included
  • HD Rumble – No
  • IR Motion Camera – No
  • Not Compatible With Switch Dock
  • 3.6″high, 8.2″ long, .55″ deep
  • Weight – .61lbs
  • 5.5″ Touch Screen
  • Battery – 3-7 hours

To play games that do not support handheld mode you need to pay Nintendo extra to buy compatible controllers for Nintendo Switch Lite. You will also need Joy-Con Charging Grip to charge these separately sold compatible controllers.

To find out if a game supports handheld mode check the packaging to look for the handheld icon. Nintendo Switch Lite is releasing on September 29, 2019.