Microsoft Controller Patent Made For Mobile Devices With Detachable Controllers

Back in 2017, Microsoft apparently filed a patent for something labelled a “charging device for removable input modules”, and that patent was published today by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The Microsoft Controller patent appears to be focused around controllers for current or incoming mobile devices, though we’re not sure just yet.

Considering the increasing appeal for mobile gaming with many game developers, a controller that can be attached and removed at will would be quite handy, especially if people already play games on their phones a lot.

Most mobile games make use of haptic interfaces, meaning that you’re sticking your fingers all over your phone screen to hit buttons, which can be substandard especially with your fingers getting in the way of what you’re seeing.

If the Microsoft controller patent is true, then mobile gamers will be getting a better way to play their phone games in the future, and might also be looking for a way to get into the Nintendo Switch’s market, since that console also has removable controllers.

Microsoft’s increasing emphasis on cross-platform play could also be a reason for the patent. While most PC games are played on a laptop or stationary rig, there’s also the possibility of tablet devices and portable game consoles.

As a whole it seems like the Microsoft controller patent is aimed at creating new peripherals for mobile gamers and those who otherwise like to play games on the go. There’s no guarantee that we’ll be dealing with an Xbox portable console in the future, but the patent doesn’t have that much information on it yet.

Microsoft will likely announce the new controller at some point in the near future, possibly at Gamescom or some other gaming event, though we don’t know for sure. In the meantime, if you’re interested in this, just stay on our website to keep updated.