Post E3 2019 Cyberpunk 2077 RPG Info Blowout

There was a time when Cyberpunk 2077 details were limited. Years went by and CD Projekt RED didn’t say a word. But things have changed in the past few months, especially, after E3 2019.

Developers have done interviews, shared gameplay trailers, behind the scenes presentions, and more. So instead of running around like a headless chicken everywhere on the internet looking for information, find everything you need to know below.

We have compiled all the information you should know before playing Cyberpunk 2077 – from the latest news to what could be coming.

The Year of Cyberpunk 2077 Starts and CD Projekt RED’s Commitment to Quality

The year of CD Projekt RED’s Cyberpunk 2077 starts on April 16. The Polish developer will release its sci-fi RPG in 2020 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game has been in development for 6+ years. It was announced even before the release of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

We finally saw Cyberpunk at E3 2018 and again at E3 2019.

It took a long time to complete this project and throughout CD Project RED remained committed. Even after the seemingly orchestrated backlash, CD Project RED remains committed to its vision. CD Projekt RED team is obsessed with delivering a quality product, in fact, the team even noticed bugs in the behind closed doors gameplay demo from E3 2019. Immediately they went to fix and improve the game. Feedback from the media and fans who’ll see the demo at Gamescom 2019 is crucial for the development of Cyberpunk 2077.

As an artist and designer, we always have to have something taken from us or we’re never finished with it! We’re always trying to update and make small little tweaks. So for me, there’s always room for improvement and there are still things that I want to fix.

I even saw small bugs in the E3 demo and thought, ‘I can make that better.’ In that regard, we want to deliver a top quality product.

CD Projekt is a company that’s full of gamers: we’re making games but also playing them. So to that effect, we’re listening to everything and if you have comments about the game’s audio, we will pass it on, and if you have comments about lighting, we’ll send them to lighting.

We just want to make a top-notch product. Very few people at CDPR are settling for ‘OK’ – we’re trying to do something exceptional here. In terms of feedback, we’ll listen to whatever you have – good or bad!

CD Project RED isn’t afraid to make significant chanced to Cyberpunk 2077 this late in development. If feedback from the community points to something that needs to be changed for the better, the studio considers itself a “bold company” and won’t shy away from changes. One of the expected changes from the community might be Xbox One X and PS4 Pro optimizations. CDPR isn’t doing anything special with both of these consoles. But it’s nothing that can’t be done with a post-release update.

The Media Attacks and Epic’s Alleged Involvement

CD Projekt RED has been under attack by the mainstream media. The company is accused of being racist and sexist. All of this took place a few weeks ago when the likes of Kotaku, Polygon, and VOX media overall attacked CD Projekt RED.

The base of the entire thing was a transgender poster in Cyberpunk 2077. Later the same publications also complained about the mishandling of people of color in Cyberpunk 2077. Mike Pondsmith the creator of Cyberpunk universe, and a black man came out to defend the game and its approach to the topics of race and gender. He told people to not be offended for him and to “shut the fuck up.”

Soon after an interesting report came to light. Thanks to some actual journalism people were able to dig information that might possibly explain the true motives behind the media attack. The financial trail leads back to Epic Games. The report claims Epic Games wishes to damage CD Projekt’s reputation to make sure GOG 2.0 never becomes a threat to Epic Games Store.

GOG is now a Microsoft partner and with Microsoft’s funding, GOG Galaxy 2.0 can position itself as one of the leading PC games platforms. It is nothing but a “conspiracy theory” at this point so take it with a pile of salt. Although it is interesting that Epic Games felt the need to address this not so popular conspiracy theory. Of course, the company denies everything.

But Epic fans rest assured Cyberpunk 2077 is available on Epic Games Store. Yet we recommend picking up the game from GOG to support CDPR. 100% of the money goes to the development team.

Keanu Reeves As Johnny Silverhand – Do We Need Hollywood Stars In Video Games?

Seeing Hollywood stars in video games is nothing new but over the past few years, their involvement has increased.  Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding hired Norman Reedus and Mads Mikelson.

But none compare to the arrival of Keanu Reeves at E3 2019. Microsoft’s E3 stage lit up when the John Wick star came out to reveal his role in Cyberpunk 2077. He is playing Johnny Silverhand, a digital ghost. He “isn’t a normal human,” said CD Projekt RED.  His role as Silverhand broadens the appeal of Cyberpunk RPG.

His involvement gave the game more exposure in terms of the mainstream media. Some news channels even covered this topic. News channels usually report on video game addiction and violence that’s linked to video games. Keanu Reeves’ Cyberpunk role helped paint video games in a positive light to the general audience.

CD Projekt’s spokesperson and UI coordinator Alvin Liu discussed Reeves as Johnny Silverhand.

I will say that CDPR is a video game company first and it’s very important to us that the match works. If it was a random celebrity that just wouldn’t work with our franchise, like Britney Spears or something, we wouldn’t pursue that opportunity. So for us, we pursue it because it’s a great match for the game and not necessarily because we want to accomplish some goal with reaching a different audience or anything like that.

He hints that there might be more Hollywood celebrities in the game.

You’re Breathtaking!!

The sentence has become a meme online, used to admire posts, people, comments, more. At E3 2019, one of the fans shouted “you’re breathtaking” at Keanu Reeves. The Matrix fame actor said it back to the fan before saying “you’re all breathtaking.” It is an amazing and pure moment that’ll always be remembered.

CDPR gave the shouting fan a collector’s edition of Cyberpunk 2077. The fan instead asked the company to donate Go Kart to a Children’s hospital, and CDPR did.

What’s New On Gameplay?

CD Projekt RED has created dynamic animations for Cyberpunk 2077. Players will experience better gun animations as they get better at using different weapons. CD Project RED posted a Twitter video that reveals this interesting detail. According to  CDPR, everyone missed this little detail in the gameplay demo shown at E3.

Weapon animations will change as you get better at using weapons. This is never before seen the feature and could change the way weapons are handled in video games.

Speaking of gunplay, if are wondering if Cyberpunk 2077 is a first-person shooter? Well, yes and no. It is a sci-fi RPG with FPS mechanics. You can also take cover behind objects, use different abilities including hacks.

It’s More Vertical Than Horizontal

Cyberpunk 2077 is more vertical than horizontal. The map features many buildings that you can enter and get a feel for life in Night City. Apartment buildings, clubs, shops, underground spaces, there is plenty of exploration. CDPR says there are many ways to traverse these buildings which fans would love to find out when the game hits April 16 consoles and PC.