Monster Hunter: World Mods Guide – Best MHW Mods to Use

In a game that is already deep with its mechanics and customizations, let us suggest a few mods for Monster Hunter: World to take that even further.

Monster Hunter: World Mods

The mods listed at the official NexusMods page range from character skin customizations and altering the outlook of the game to unlocking new armor and shop items.

Do note that you can use Nexus Mod Manager to easily install these mods or refer to the instructions given on each mod’s download page.

1. Souvenir’s Light Pillar
It basically makes the souvenirs in the game shinier so they can spotted easy.

2. MHW Transmog
This mod allows the user to change their armor to any other armor set they want which can visible to other players as well.

3. An Overlay That Shows Lots and Lots of Stuff
This mod allows the user to see monsters behavior, size, HP, stamina, rage, crown, status, part HP, team damage, training dummy damage, buff timer, and map timer.

4. ALL Items in Shop
This mod enables the store to have all the items present in the game and they can be bought.

5. SmartHunter Overlay
This mod allows the user to see monster health, parts, status effects, crown, team damage, player buffs/debuffs, and equipment/weapon buffs.

6. MHW Damage Meter
This mod basically shows the damage dealt by you and your team to the monsters.

7. Improved NPC Locations
This mod adds certain NPC’s to the Gathering Hub so they can be easily accessible.

8. YoRHa No 2 Type B (NieR Automata)
Enables the 2B male and female versions of the android skin for your character in Monster Hunter: World. This is a pleasant surprise for fans of NieR Automata who just want to see 2B in almost any game.

9. Sorted Shop (All Items)
This mod enables the shop to have all the items in an assorted manner.

10. Simple Female Face Texture
Higher textures and more realistic shadows applied on the character models, particularly the faces of female NPCs. Head over to the link to visualize the differences in the images provided!

11. World of Transmog
This mod allows the user to change armor and weapon along with using male armor on female character vice versa.

12. Clear Hunter
This mod adds more color variations to the environment and removes some unpleasant bleaching textures.