Ghostwire Tokyo Timeframe Will Be Set A Bit Further In The Future

Back during E3, Shinji Mikami broke into the Bethesda E3 conference to reveal a new game that he was working on, Ghostwire Tokyo. The mastermind of Japanese horror, who was responsible for the original Resident Evil games, has now explained to us the Ghostwire Tokyo timeframe that we’ll be seeing when we play.

Ghostwire Tokyo, according to a Twitter message by Tango Gameworks creative director Ikumi Nakamura (who you might remember as the adorable presenter that became a brief internet sensation), will apparently be set in the “not-too-distant future”, likely meaning sometime within the next few years.

The Twitter post consisted mainly of a minute-long video of someone standing on a building, looking out over the Tokyo cityscape. This was likely done to illustrate the Ghostwire Tokyo timeframe that we’ll be seeing in the actual game.

While we still don’t know what the game is about, its extremely eerie E3 trailer, which included disappearing people and various unsettling images of ghosts and other entities from Japanese folklore, supports the game’s driving question about the divide between a future that is “normal” or “paranormal.”

However, Nakamura did also say that while the game wasn’t necessarily a horror title, there would still be a large number of dark themes. Exactly what this means is also yet to be revealed, especially since Tango’s presentation didn’t give us much information.

Exactly what the game will look like, considering it’s a Mikami product, remains to be seen. All we can hope for is that various video game events in the coming months such as Gamescom, Paris Games Week, the Game Awards, and more will give us more information. Otherwise, we’ll have to wait and see if it shows up next E3.

There’s o release window for the game either, so right now the information on the Ghostwire Tokyo Timeframe is all we’ll be getting.