G2A Tries To Get Websites To Publish Pre-Written Articles Without The Sponsored Tag

G2A and indie developers have been at the center of a controversy recently. The whole debate has taken several twists and turns with both sides offering their perspectives. G2A has been labeled the bad guy and their public image is tarnished. To rectify that, it is allegedly asking sites to publish pre-written articles, without the sponsored tag. This revelation is sure to backfire and damage its image even more.

This whole debacle started when developers and publishers called out G2A’s practices for being unethical. G2A deals in videogame keys and these keys allegedly come from illegal sources.

The unethical practices also include buying keys in bulk for cheap and then selling them for profit. This effects developer revenue. To make matters worse G2A to bought ad space in Google for various indie games. SO instead of the official website or Steam showing up in Google search, G2A’a ads did.

Frustrated by this, developers and publishers have asked gamers to pirate games instead of buying it from G2A. To counter the backlash and save face, the company said that it’s taking steps to ensure a better relationship with developers.

But one of its attempt to improve its image has backfired. Twitter user @SomeIndieGames revealed the contents of an email from G2A. The email starts with an introduction: “My name is Adrian and I represent a global digital marketplace called G2A.com. Our company is one of the biggest and most popular trading platforms in the world.”

Then it talks about how they were trying to improve their brand awareness and public image. But “the majority of public does not understand either our business model or how we try to make sure our customers can safely purchase digital products.”

The email continues with a proposition, publish their article without it being marked as associated or sponsored by G2A. The title of the email is “Selling stolen keys on gaming marketplaces is pretty much impossible” and it’s an “unbiased” article.

Even if it was unbiased, the shady way G2A went about it is just going to make it worse for them. Let’s see what happens next.