Batman Arkham Collection Steelbook Coming Exclusively To Europe Soon

Rocksteady Studios has apparently revealed that a Batman Arkham Collection steelbook is coming exclusively to Europe at some point this year. While we don’t know if it will be available anywhere outside of Europe, this is the first time the Arkham Collection has been available physically. The collection contains three games.

The Batman: Arkham Collection is a grouping of three different games in the Batman: Arkham series, Rocksteady’s groundbreaking Batman game that nevertheless ended on a bad note due to Batman: Arkham Knight’s notoriously poor performance on the PC.

If you decide to buy the Batman Arkham Collection steelbook, much like the original digital-only release called “Return To Arkham” back in 2018, you’ll be able to play the three mainline Batman Arkham games, including Asylum, City, and Knight. Arkham Origins won’t be included, likely because it’s not part of the main series and was developed by a different studio.

While the collectible steelbook case is a snazzy incentive to get the game, if you don’t already have them at least, the game steelbook also comes with a special skin for Batman, the Earth 2 Dark Knight skin. That skin has never been available outside of North America before, but will become available to all owners of Arkham Knight worldwide sometime next year.

If you haven’t ever played the original Arkham games or have played them but haven’t touched the Arkham Collection version, the Batman Arkham Collection steelbook version might be for you, if you live in Europe. Once again, we have no idea if the steelbooked version will be available outside of Europe at a later date.

Regardless, the Batman Arkham Collection Steelbook edition will be exclusive to the Playstation 4 in September, and Rocksteady has said that the Playstation version will never come to the Xbox. Otherwise, both the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 support the Batman Return To Arkham version from last year.