New Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Mod Enables Bloodborne Style Combat

A new Sekiro Shadows Die Twice mod is now available which changes the game’s combat style to be more like Bloodborne. This new Sekiro mod called “Bloodborne Combat” was created by modder ‘thefifthmatt’.

In short, players will now have to approach enemies and bosses in the game with a different mindset. That’s because players will have to rely more on dash skills instead of deflecting attacks.

Once the mod is installed, blocking and deflecting attacks will no longer prevent damage. This way, some Sekiro Shadows Die Twice bosses will be easier to defeat and some will be harder to defeat.

The new mod also increases the dash time frame of escape/jump to 16 making it more efficient. If that’s too easy for you, you can try the mod with “beast mode” which will reduce frames to 11 (0.37 seconds), same as Bloodborne.

The new invulnerability window is 16 frames (0.53 seconds), which allows you to run close to the start of an enemy attack and avoid damage. This window is larger than most Soulsborne games because Sekiro’s enemy attacks have better tracking and longer hit frames. If you find it too easy, you can try Beast Mode, an alternate version of the player’s animation data that changes the window to 11 frames (0.37 seconds), the same as Bloodborne, mod description reads.

To encounter thrust attacks, players will have to use dash instead of Mikiri counter. In addition to this, this mod also removes all warnings for perilous attacks (which mostly appear on enemy’s head). Moreover, players can restore HP by dealing vitality damage to an enemy.

Interested folks can check out the video below to see “Bloodborne Combat” mod for Sekiro Shadows Die Twice in action.

Sekiro Engine Mod is required to be installed first in order to make this new mod work. Those interested in the mod can download it from Nexus Mods.

The modding community of Sekiro Shadows Die Twice continues to impress us with mods like these. Those interested in Sekiro mods should check out our list of best mods currently available for the game.

There’s another mod called “Swords of Moonlight” available which allows players to replace Sekiro’s sword with the Holy Moonlight Sword from Bloodborne. It is cosmetic only so don’t expect it to deal more damage than the original sword in the game.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice is now available on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. Unfortunately, Sekiro Mods are not available on consoles.