The Walking Dead Definitive Edition Will Be Series’s Swan Song, Coming In September

If you were a fan of the Walking Dead games by Telltale Games, you might be in luck this September. The Walking Dead Definitive Edition has been announced, and will, according to Skybound Games, serve as the series’s “swan song”. Skybound took over after the dissolution of Telltale in 2018.

The Walking Dead video games, much like the TV show and the graphic novel on which both the game and show are based, focuses on various groups of survivors trying to survive in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, facing not just zombies but also hardships involving food, and conflict with other groups of survivors.

The Walking Dead video game mainly focused on a girl named Clementine, and followed her journey as she went from a precocious orphan child in the immediate aftermath of the outbreak to a hardened and skilled survivor in her own right. There were four seasons of the game in all, all of which will be included in The Walking Dead Definitive Edition.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season almost didn’t get to be made, as in September of 2018 Telltale Games announced a mass layoff of the vast majority of its staff in the middle of the season’s development, ending a slow spiral of increasingly low-regarded games for the past few years.

The Walking Dead was what put Telltale on the map, with each season getting high praise, but it wasn’t enough to save Telltale from insolvency, and the studio’s closure also put the kibosh on another project that was eagerly looked forward to by its fans in the form of a new season of The Wolf Among Us.

If you’ve fallen off the Walking Dead train since the first season came out, or just want all of the seasons in one convenient package, you’ll be able to get The Walking Dead Definitive Edition on September 10 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.