The Division 2 Public Test Servers Now Back Online After Echo-02 Error Fix

The Division 2 PTS servers are now back online after Ubisoft’s attempt to fix error Echo-02. For those who don’t know, Ubisoft announced it early today that the team will be bringing down public test servers for 1 hour in order to fix the Echo-02 error.

Given that The Division 2 PTS servers are now back online, it’s expected that players will no longer face disconnection issues. Moreover, all PTS agents are now deleted so you will have to create a new one. Players who create a new agent will be rewarded with a full power skill in order to test the skill balance changes.

New story missions called Manning National Zoo and Camp White Oak are now available in The Division 2 via public test server. The descriptions for new missions is as follows as provided by Ubisoft.

Manning National Zoo

Emeline Shaw, the leader of the Outcasts, has fallen back from her defeat on Roosevelt Island and barricaded herself deep in the Manning National Zoo. To get to her, you will need to fight through the blockades and the Outcasts who protect her to put an end to her violence.

Camp White Oak

The Black Tusks and their leader have set up a strategic position close to an estate nestled deep in the woodlands, and your assignment is to take them down and capture him in the new Camp White Oak mission.

There’s now a new Discovery difficulty mode available for the Washington National Airport raid. This new discovery difficulty will allow newcomers to experience raid without any tough challenge.

Moreover, discovery difficulty comes with matchmaking enabled so you can play with randoms if you don’t have any friends to play with.

Starting today on July 5, the first location of an Expedition site will be available for the players to explore. These expeditions are free events that will bring “players to unexplored locations around D.C. to discover new narrative and gameplay opportunities.”

The expedition sites will come with new challenges and exclusive lore including new collectibles, treasure rooms, environmental puzzles, unique boss mechanics, and more.

The second location of the expedition will unlock tomorrow on July 6 and the third location is scheduled to unlock on July 7.

From July 7, Ubisoft plans to focus on gear balancing, skill build viability, and introduce two new exotics: the Diamondback Rifle and BTSU Datagloves.

Interested players can read the full patch notes for The Division 2 Episode 1 from Ubisoft forums.

The Division 2 title update 5 release date is yet to be announced. It’s expected that The Division 2 update with new story missions, the Expeditions and features will go live later this month.

Massive Entertainment’s The Division 2 can be now played on PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One and PC. Public test servers of the game are limited to PC users only.