Stranger Things 3: The Game’s PS4 Port Is More Expensive In The UK

Stranger Things season 3 went online for streaming on Netflix just yesterday. Game developer BonusXP also released a tie-in video game called “Stranger Things 3: The Game” in collaboration with Netflix. The game is loosely based on some of the plot events from the series. The game is out now and players have noticed that Stranger Things 3: The Game’s PlayStation 4 port is considerably more expensive as compared to other platforms.

Most of the time, all games are cheaper in the UK as compared to in the US. This is primarily due to certain taxes and duties as well as obvious differences in currency rates. Even though this is the case for the Nintendo Switch port for Stranger Things 3: The Game, it is not the case for its PlayStation 4 port.

Strangely’, Stranger Things 3: The Game is listed on the PlayStation Store in the UK as £24.99 or $19.99 in the US. Most of the time, a game that costs $20 USD in the US will cost around £16 in the UK. As you can clearly see, Stranger Things 3: The Game is more expensive in the UK for some odd reason.

It is also to be noted that this is definitely not a typing mistake in the store listing. The price is indeed higher in the UK because once you add the game to your cart and proceed to the checkout page, the price remains the same. Neither Sony nor PlayStation has offered an explanation for this price difference right now. However, it is still very likely these prices will change down the road.

Stranger Things 3: The Game was originally announced during The Game Awards back in 2018. The game features a lot of retro-style graphics which are reminiscent of the time period the show is set in. Stranger Things 3: The Game follows the third season of the show and is developed as an official companion game to Season 3. There is also a PS4 theme for Stanger Things 3 which is now available on the PlayStation Store.