Bloodlines 2 Interview: Nosferatu Class isn’t Playable, Fat Larry Not Included

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 is the sequel to a beloved franchise. The game is coming to consoles and PC soon with unique gameplay mechanics, storylines, and more.

To discuss the game we spoke with Florian Schwarzer, Senior Product Manager at Paradox Interactive. Schwarzer confirmed there are only 5-classes in Bloodlines 2 and while the popular Nosferatu class isn’t playable, it still exists in the game.

Segmentnext: I read about Bloodlines 2 in a magazine recently and you guys confirmed 5 playable classes?

That’s right, though a fan might argue that Vampire: The Masquerade’s clans are closer to extended families than classes. Like choosing a class in a traditional RPG, belonging to a specific clan imbues a vampire with unique abilities that we call Disciplines. That’s where a lot of the supernatural powers of a vampire live. We have also revealed what each of these clans are: Brujah, rough and tumble brawlers who can augment their strength;

Tremere, knowledge-obsessed warlocks with access to Blood Sorcery; Toreador, charismatic lovers of art with supernatural charisma; Ventrue, enterprising capitalists descended from kings and emperors that can bend you to their will; and Malkavians, seers and oracles both blessed with knowledge and cursed with insanity. Nothing keeps the player from playing “against type”, though: An eloquent Brujah or brawny Ventrue are entirely possible character builds.

Segmentnext: There is certain vermin eating class that’s quite interesting and makes gameplay much more complicated, just the way many of us like it. Is Nosferatu coming back for Bloodlines 2?

While Nosferatu is not one of the 5 playable clans available at launch, there are Nosferatu characters in the game that players will meet. But munching on vermin isn’t limited to Nosferatu, if players see a rat scurrying around, they can pick it up and chow down to receive a small amount of blood.

Bloodlines 2

Segmentnext: Fat Larry is probably one of the best if not the best merchant in video games. Is he coming back for Bloodlines 2? Or are we changing the way the marketplace works?

There are absolutely merchants in the game, and while we’re not yet ready to talk about that part of gameplay in detail, some of my favorite characters are among them. Like all things, Brian Mitsoda and his writing team are very much writing them to fit this game’s setting of Seattle. A true citizen of L.A. like Larry might find that place a bit too chilly.

Segmentnext: Any plans for the in-game store? Recurrent spending options for players? It has been 15 years since the first game, that’s a long time for a franchise to be out of action.

We’re selling a game and offering a season pass for people who’d like to experience even more stories in the Seattle of the World of Darkness. There will be no loot boxes or similar recurrent spending options.

Segmentnext: What was it like bringing Bloodlines 2 into the modern-day era of gaming? Especially, now that such powerful hardware and development tools are available to you.

As you probably know, Bloodlines 1 has endured on the strength of its story, characters, and writing, and isn’t known as much for its combat mechanics and polish. A big part of bringing Bloodlines into modern-day gaming is adding systems to the core strengths of this IP that really help players feel like a vampire. For instance: a fast-paced combat system, distinct Disciplines with implications for combat, traversal, problem-solving, and role-playing, and Resonance, where each person’s blood contains an emotional flavor and feeding on these resonances provide different buffs and effects. We’re excited to show fans more of what we’ve been cooking up!

Segmentnext: Speaking of hardware, next-generation platforms are just around the corner. As a developer what are your expectations?

Bloodlines 2 is currently slated for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. While we look forward to next-gen platforms, we have nothing to add in regards to what systems Bloodlines 2 will come to. However, I will also add that we are working with NVIDIA to bring ray tracing and DLSS technology to the PC version of the game.

Segmentnext: What would you like PlayStation 5 and next Xbox to be?

That’s a really good question that I’ll need to spend more time thinking about once we’re done with Bloodlines 2. At E3 earlier this month we revealed gameplay of the game to the public for the very first time. The reaction was great and we can’t wait to show more!

Segmentnext: There is a lot of that “Epic Store Exclusivity” going around. Have you been approached with an offer by Epic or have you considered going exclusive yourself?

As you’ll likely know, Bloodlines 2 can be pre-ordered on the Epic Store (in addition to Steam, GOG, and Paradox Plaza). While I’ve been a big fan of Epic since the days of Unreal, the game will not be exclusive to any one PC storefront.

Bloodlines 2 is releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in March 2020.