Call of Duty Modern Warfare Brings Never Before Seen Mechanics

The look and feel of the weapon need “to be just right”, says Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s developer. Mark Grigsby, Head of animations at Infinity Ward, discussed the animations for Modern Warfare in an interview. He said that the “bridge” that connects the new engine, art, narrative, design, and performance capture is believable animations.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is to be the latest offering in the Call of Duty franchise. Modern Warfare is a reboot of the well acclaimed Modern Warfare trilogy, after which it got negative reviews for certain sections of the media for being “too violent.”

Modern Warfare is part of the three-year release cycle by Infinity Ward. As such, this installment has a lot riding on it. Grigsby detailed how the animations were being developed to ensure that it was a success. Grigsby had worked on Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare and to repeat that success the whole team was paying attention to weapon detail.

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Weapon animations needed to pass strict inspection for the “devil was in the details”. This included how the weapon was ”interacting with the environment itself, so when you shoot these weapons, you feel the power of the weapon, but you also see the impact of the weapon within the game world, in terms of the sound and physics” But it was not just dynamic animations that had been refined. Things as simple as idle hands and going up the stairs required a lot of thinking as well.

In the past, when the character was idle, the hands “moved more like you were on the deck of a ship, swaying back and forth”. In Modern Warfare, it was going to be changed to “natural; real quick movements using your muscles. We call this the ‘Active Idle”. The reload animations had been revamped so as to seem more realistic.

The guns would be carried differently, having different magazines will result in different animations. Animations have also affected gameplay as” ADS [Aiming Down Sight] reload will be introduced.” The animations team had used a “lot of reference with our Navy SEALs advisors”. They had also gone to a shooting range to try out all these weapons. Let see how it pans out like Call of Duty Modern Warfare releases in August 2019.