Eight New Xbox Game Pass Games Coming To Xbox One And PC This Week

The official Xbox Game Pass Twitter page announced that eight new Xbox Game Pass games are going to be coming to the service this week, both for the Xbox One and the PC. These are the first games added since E3 that will be coming to the service for both platforms.

Ever since it released, the Xbox Game Pass has mainly been a way for players to rent games to play without having to buy them in a similar manner to the Playstation Now service. Now, however, added in to the cross-platform functionality of the Xbox One and PC, Game Pass has also jumped the gap.

It was announced at Microsoft’s E3 conference this year that Xbox Game Pass was now becoming available on the PC as well, and these new Xbox Game Pass games contain not just games that can be played on both, but some that are PC exclusive.

The games that are included are Dead Rising 4, Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Blazing Chrome, My Time In Portia, Timespinner, Unavowed, Undertale, and Lego City Undercover. All of these games will be coming out within the next week, some on July 4, and some on July 11.

Xbox Game Pass coming to the PC and being compatible with both is the natural evolution of the Xbox One’s Play Anywhere program, which allowed players that owned both an Xbox and a PC to be able to play their games anywhere simply by transferring their data from one platform to another.

Xbox Game Pass also allows these games to be played almost for free, as the only thing required to play them is a working internet connection and a small subscription fee. So, if you don’t have the money to get the latest release but still really want to play it, Game Pass may be for you.